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Introduce a Chinese photographer: Mu Ge

These photographs were taken by Muge, a Chinese photographer. I first saw them in the Atsushi Fujiwara’s photo-book exhibition at the Format Festival.

They belong to a series entitled “Going Home”. They were taken quite literally during the photographer’s journey home, an area upstream of the Changjiang. These photographs recorded immigrant revisitations home, painting a portrait of movement and the meaning of place and identity in an immigrant community (de- and re-territorialised). Differing from regular labour immigrantsin China, these peoples were forced to move away from their traditional ‘homes’ due to the building of the Three Gorges Dam.

They remind me quite poignantly of Zhangke Jia’s film Still Life (三峡好人); both cannot return to a geographically located home anymore, and instead must re-imagine and reconstruct one.





    • Thank you for your comment. When I see a comment like this, I always want to go back to the dealer and collect his photos. The emotions and stories of these people (and the tone of these photographs) could touch my soul. But I could not afford them. The best way to express my love to these photographs is to introduce them to a wider audience.


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