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Curatorial: 2016′ Secret Agent at the Guest Project, London

  9th – 30th January 2016 Thursday – Sunday 12-6pm or by appointment. Artists; Sarah Beddington, Beth Collar, Aleksandra Domanović, Mathilde ter Heijne, Aura Satz, Maud Sulter, Niina Vatanen and Ye Funa Secret Agent is a group exhibition composed from the viewpoint of feminist authorship in contemporary art practices. The artists in the exhibition actively challenge the institutional structure of history and patriarchal authority – and imagine alternative narratives, often through the specificity of lens-based media. Acts of image-making, archiving, or guerrilla information tactics enable visibility and challenge relationships between author and authority. Each artist utilises language and the literary in dialogue with image-making to harness the intertextual, as archival photographs and stock footage are transformed through repetition, re-staging and re-imagining. Representation of western history through both image and text, with the inherent parallels between historical and photographic truth – and the legacy of radical image/text practice in the 1970s and 1980s – are central to the development of this exhibition. The enabling of voice(s) of authorship whereby subjectivity is activated in order to challenge the …

Review: for the Hemera Collective Photo Blog

Dali is a highly romanticised city which is located in Yunnan Province, China. I say this as the area Dali is situated in is complimented with scenery replete with paddies, mountains, a lake (with fish being caught in some areas by cormorant) and picturesque farmers traditionally plowing their fields; scenes that are endeared and idealised by Chinese urbanites. At one time this scenery and the relaxed atmosphere of Dali brought in backpackers (who would make up the majority of tourists) from outside of China. Nowadays however it attracts millions of national tourist groups and student travelers who travel for the amazing landscapes and welcoming minority and folk cultures. The major events of the 5th Dali International Photography Exhibition(DIPE) were held at this city between 1st and 5th Aug 2013. It displayed more than 6,000 photographic works in over 200 exhibitions. See: REVIEW by Fangfei Chen: The 5th Dali International Photography Exhibition(DIPE)