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Curatorial: 2016′ Secret Agent at the Guest Project, London

  9th – 30th January 2016 Thursday – Sunday 12-6pm or by appointment. Artists; Sarah Beddington, Beth Collar, Aleksandra Domanović, Mathilde ter Heijne, Aura Satz, Maud Sulter, Niina Vatanen and Ye Funa Secret Agent is a group exhibition composed from the viewpoint of feminist authorship in contemporary art practices. The artists in the exhibition actively challenge the institutional structure of history and patriarchal authority – and imagine alternative narratives, often through the specificity of lens-based media. Acts of image-making, archiving, or guerrilla information tactics enable visibility and challenge relationships between author and authority. Each artist utilises language and the literary in dialogue with image-making to harness the intertextual, as archival photographs and stock footage are transformed through repetition, re-staging and re-imagining. Representation of western history through both image and text, with the inherent parallels between historical and photographic truth – and the legacy of radical image/text practice in the 1970s and 1980s – are central to the development of this exhibition. The enabling of voice(s) of authorship whereby subjectivity is activated in order to challenge the …

Interview with Sofia Lahti (Curator of the Finnish Museum of Photography) in Chinese

This is an ongoing project about the photography collection and management of museums, galleries, private collections and archives. I collaborate with the Ray Art Centre (Shanghai), publishing interviews and articles online in Chinese. Because most interviews are done in English, this platform will show these works in both Chinese and English. The Ray Art Centre is a non-profit organisation, which has organised great public events with institutions such as Fudan University and Bund Art Museum. Hope you enjoy my work. 影像收藏与策展专题 | 索非亚·拉提:什么是芬兰文化、摄影和艺术?(下) Originally published with the Ray Art Center (Shanghai) 撰文、采访 / 陈芳菲 图片来源:芬兰摄影博物馆 作者前言:笔者今年和赫墨拉小组(Hemera Collective)一直忙于为芬兰摄影博物馆制作展览。索非亚·拉提(SofiaLahti)是配合我们工作的策展人之一。芬兰摄影博物馆(Finnish Museum of Photography, FMP)位于首都赫尔辛基。博物馆创始于1969年,如今以独立基金会的形式在运营,拥有近50年的历史。2013年5月,《在博物馆中的影像》国际学术会议在俄罗斯国家博物馆展览中心(The State Russian Museum and Exhibition Centre ROSPHOTO)开幕。索非亚·拉提作为芬兰摄影博物馆的代表与会并作演讲,随后她的演讲稿作为博物馆和馆藏介绍放在网站上至今。这篇文章极大满足了我对芬兰摄影博物馆的好奇心。在索非亚的支持和帮助下,我把这篇文章翻译过来,并就文章未涉及的方面进行采访。